How to share a view with "editor" possibilities?

Hi, I’m using AirTable with my clients.
I created a base for each clients. One view in this base is a kind of “workspace”, shared with my client.
I wanna share with him this view, allowing him to edit things, upload and download files, write questions if he needs help.
How can I do this ?

  • I tried to share the view but there’s no “editing” option : it is possible ?
  • OR do I need to create a specific base as a workspace to share it with Editor functions ?

Many thanks for your answers and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Hi @Amandine_Steppe,

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In order to allow anyone to edit in a table you have to add them as a collaborator the base. Please check this help article about collaborators permissions so you have more idea about it.

Please note that if you are on a Plus or Pro plan, collaborators with editing permissions are billable.


We made a tool that allows you to share a URL to an Airtable view with specific control over what fields and records are shown. This allows you to share a URL with your client to edit some data, without having to give them access to your base.

Thank you Mohamed, thank you Abdulrahman for your answers !
I finally found the simpler solution : I created a new base, dedicated to my client, with a unique view.
Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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