How to share blocks without showing records

Hi, Airtable folks!

I have a trouble with sharing blocks in Public.
I was given a beta feature to share blocks in Public but all of the records are also automatically shared in Public. There is a button saying “Show data” in the top right corner in the shared public page, which I want to hide.

Does anyone know how to hide it? If I can’t do it, I want to vote for the feature which we can hide it with.

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Hi there!

At the moment, it’s not possible to exclude the data from the originating table, or any other table in the base when sharing a block with this beta. This gets loaded into the browser, and would be available to a savvy user that wanted to view it.

If there is information in your base that should not be seen by some, you may be better off taking a screenshot/duplicating this in another, limited base for the time being. I will add your vote for this feature. :+1:

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Thanks for your comment! Hope to see a solution soon!

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