How to show a monthly summary with total number of hours for each task

hello guys. I’m looking for a way to make a spreadsheet with scheduling my daily tasks, studies etc. I would like to specify start and end time for each activity and have it all in a calendar view. It is very important to me that I have a monthly summary with the tasks performed in the month and sum of the number of hours that were used in the month, piling up for each activity.

I need help to do this.

I have the following information:

  • start date / time
  • end date / time
  • number of hours - this column is a formula = end time - start time
  • task identification

Data example:
start ; end ; duration; task identification
8/202020 8:30 am; 08/20/20 10:30 am; 2:00; Study Airtable
2020/08/25 14:00; 2020/08/25 17:00; 3:00; Practicing piano
2020/08/27 8:00; 2020/08/25 10:00; 2:00; Study Airtable
2020/08/28 9:00; 8/202020 11:30 AM; 2:30; Practicing piano

The monthly summary would be as follows:
task identification; total duration
Study Airtable; 4:00
Practice Piano; 5:30

Thanks in advance.

This could potentially be done using a script - do you want to store this data somewhere specific?

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