How to show which tasks are completed and which open in linked column?

Hello :slight_smile:

I have created two tables, one with projects and one with tasks which link to the projects. In the projects table I have the tasks shown as well, but I’d like the tasks to show up as “Task1✅”, “Task2❌” - depending on completed or not, which will be determined in the task table.

I know I can’t override a linked column, but I wanna know how I can adjust the formula in the tasks table, if I want the Task name to update according to the checkbox done/not done.

I tried various formulas from a past thread (IF({Completed}, “:heavy_check_mark:”, “:x:”) & " " & {Name}) but they never seemed to work…

Anyone got an idea? :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome @Svenja_Rossig!
The formula you mentioned should work as is, but is of course dependant on how you determine a task completed or not. The mentioned formula only conciders if {Completed} has ANY value, not what that value might be. If you have a single select field to determine status, you would use something like below instead.

IF({Name of status field}='Completed',

If the above doesn’t work in your case, then I would need to know a bit more about how you detemine a task completed (by formula, by single or multiple select field etc.?) to help.

Thank you so much in advance!!

So I actually have a multiple select field with 3 options, Todo, In progress & done.

For each option I’d like the task name to show up with a distinguished emoji behind it.

So “Write Script” with the status “To do” should turn into “Write script :x:”, or “Write Script :white_check_mark:” when done or “Write Script​:battery:” when in progress…

So that the task name, which will show up in the project table in the linked column, will show me right away which tasks are yet to be done…

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

Okay I solved it, it’s a bit unconventional but in case someone faces the same issue, here it is:

  1. In tasks, duplicate the name field
  2. Also in tasks, make a “condition” or “Symbol” column
  3. The symbol column now acts to pull in the designated symbol, so

IF({Status}=“To do”,“:x:”,

IF({Status}=“In progress”,“:zap:”,

IF({Status}=“Done”,“:white_check_mark:”, " ")))

  1. Now in the duplicated name field, use formula “Task & Condition”, which takes your task Name and adds the symbol

  2. In the project table, link to that combined last field now

  3. Hide our work fields in tasks

Done :slight_smile:

That’s great that you found a solution.
When checking the same field for multiple values in a formula you can use a SWITCH() function instead.
This assumes you have a {Status} field and a {Name of Task} field.
You can use this right away in the primary field or in a secondary and use a lookup to pull it into the linked table.

	'To do',{Name of Task}&' ❌',
	'In progress',{Name of Task}&' ⚡',
	'Done',{Name of Task}&' ✅'

Yeeees!! Das ist genau das, was ich gesucht habe. Funktioniert einwandfrei, vielen vielen Dank!

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