How to sort multiple entries of the same record on calendar view - PRO

My calendar view has multiple entries of the same record based on multiple dates, but I can’t find a way to organize them based on the labels attributed to each date.
To better understand here is how we organize (YouTube video scheduling):

Every record is a video the we will write the script, shoot, edit, and publish.
Inside the record there are date fields for each of the steps needed.
On the calendar view, each of those dates is a date range with a different label, so the calendar shows multiple times the same record based on the date of the production step needed.

We used to achieve this using two tables, one for the videos and another for the steps. Then, each step was linked to a record on the videos table. However, we started a new base using only one table and multiple date ranges, as we migrated to a pro plan. (Also, no need to integrate with services like Napier or Integromat to auto create the steps needed for each video)

My big problem is: I just can’t organize the entries displayed on calendar view based on anything, as many times I have 4 or 5 entries showing the same record, but related to different dates inside the record.
Drag and drop isn’t an option to reorder records either. My goal is to try to organize the “labels”, remembering that you can set “labels” to each date range on calendar view.

If anyone has a solution or an idea, please let me know.
I already know that I can just create multiple calendar views to make things a bit more organized, but if I want to have one general calendar to see everything that is going on, right now I can’t find a solution.

Thank you!

Hi @Pedro_Miszewski_da_R,

If I understand correctly, your issue is that you want to order the records in the calendar view in a specific order?

The way to do so is to sort the records in the first view in this table in using the same order you want them to be shown in the calendar view. If the item you want to order by is a text and you dont want it to be alphabetical, add a number before the text and sort it.


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