How to specify "no collaborator needed" explicitly, vs missing values?


Hi all –

We are struggling to use the Collaborator field to assign owners to specific marketing events like conferences. In particular, for smaller conferences sometimes don’t need someone to attend in a specific function. For example, we may not need a dedicated Sales Engineer and thus no collaborator’s name should show up in the Sales Engineer field.

However we are also trying to use AirTable to drive better planning, and thus want to force this decision to be explicit. So we’d like a way to distinguish between “field is empty because no one has filled it out yet” from “we’ve decided not to send someone in this capacity”.

Is there a way to have a “No Collaborator” or “N/A” value for such fields? If not, are there any tips/suggestions for how to handle this sort of distinction (not yet filled in, vs filled in with ‘no value’)?