How to start the Pro Trial?

Hello! I’m trying to start the 14 day Pro Trial but I can’t find out how to start it anywhere. When I signed up, I was automatically placed on the free version with no option to choose the trial. Upgrading only gives me the option of paying for a Pro subscription, but I would like to try it before committing. Is there a specific URL I need to visit, or do I need to make a new account that’s signing up for the trial specifically, or is there something else I’m missing?

I checked the relevant FAQ entry but it had no information on this topic.

When did you signup? Your first 14 days (for your first workspace) are automatically on the Pro Trial. After 14 days, you’re no longer on the Pro Trial anymore. You don’t get to choose when you start the Pro Trial… it’s just your first 14 days of using Airtable.

I just signed up a few days ago and it was never applied. But in the time it took this topic to be approved, it looks like support got back to me and applied a trial to my account so starting it is no longer an issue.

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