How to stop users with editor access from inviting new editors?

Editors cost me–the owner–money. So how can I stop them from inviting new editors?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Airtable gives all collaborators the ability to invite other collaborators, export all the data out of your system, and make a personal copy of the entire base for themselves. Airtable considers ALL collaborators — even read-only collaborators — as fully-trusted people in your organization, with full access to all of your data and full access to inviting other people. In this sense, Airtable is a very low-security platform.

Your only option at this point — until Airtable rolls out the upcoming feature of shared web views being editable — is to use Stacker. Stacker fixes almost every security hole in Airtable, and it adds amazing new features as well (such as restricting which records certain users are allowed to see). Stacker is really an important add-on for many businesses that are using Airtable.

Hi Scott, where’s mention of the upcoming shared web views feature?

Somebody inadvertently posted a screenshot of it somewhere in these forums. I’m not sure how to find it now. But I’m sure that we’ll probably see that feature rolled out publicly to all of us within the next few months!

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