How to submit different forms to different emails?

We currently have various order forms in Airtable. What we are trying to do is have all forms, when filled out, sent to one email. Besides, for one form should be sent to a different Email. What we have now is that all forms when submitted go to the same place. We are trying to change that.

If anyone can assist us on this matter we would greatly appreciate it.
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One way is to create an Automation with When a form is submitted Trigger, then choose your specific table, and form.
For the Action, choose Send an Email, then input the email address you need in the To field and all the other info.

You can set up multiple Automations per form.


Thank You Hannah for your helpful reply.
What we are trying to do now is actually sending the form to this email not only a notification.

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Thank you.

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You bet. So are you trying to send the actual form link to an email or are you trying to send all entries from each form to an email?

The scenario above sends an actual email to someone once the form is completed. With this, you can add all the info from the form entry into the Message field to be sent in the email. I just didn’t include that in my example.

You’ll just click the blue + in the Message box and add the fields from your form.

Thank You for your reply.
What we are trying to do is when this specific form is filled out, the whole form automatically gets submitted to a specific email. (NOT the same Email that the other forms go to)

Hope this clarified further.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Thanks again.

Yes, this is exactly what this Automation will do. You’ll need to set up a 2nd automation for the other form.

Set up an automation and choose the ‘When Form is submitted’ trigger and choose the form you need.

In the Actions step, choose Send an email.

In the Message box, you’ll add a placeholder for each field from the form using the blue + button. These placeholders will be automatically filled when a new form is submitted. It will then be emailed to whatever email you entered in the To field when a new form is submitted.

Here’s info from Airtable on how to set up Automations plus how to use the specific Trigger and Action I listed.

Thanks that was very helpful. But we still don’t see the form in the inbox. Only a notification like the attached
Screenshot 2021-12-28 125337
. Only a notification like the attached