How to sync wordpress custom fields with airtable?

I have an airtable db and want to sync this to the WordPress custom fields I’ve created.
That everytime the data inside of airtable is updated, it syncs with the WordPress custom fields and the fields are updated.
Is this possible? How would you do that?

Here are 2 Wordpress options to explore:

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Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I could not get it running with integromat/ make. Only the standard custom fields are working.
Do you have a tutorial for the custom fields?

Airwpsync does not work for custom fields. At least the free version was unusable for that use case.
And I want to try this out first, if it is working before buying this expensive plugin.

I haven’t had personal experience with these Wordpress tools yet.

But if Make’s native modules don’t support custom fields, you may need to craft your own custom API calls to Wordpress using Make’s Wordpress Make An API Call module (scroll down on the page to see this).

This assumes that Wordpress supports communicating with custom fields through API calls. You may want to send an email to Make tech support to ask them about how to do this.

p.s. Assuming that Wordpress allows communicating with custom fields through their API, I’m sure that I could also figure this out because I have deep experience with API’s, but I would only be able to dive that deeply into something as a consultant for hire. If you have a budget for this, feel free to contact me through my website: Expert Airtable Consultant — ScottWorld.

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