How to trigger creation of x # of new records based on input (x) from a numerical field?

Hi, I’m trying to figure out if I can create x number of new records based on input from a numerical field of another record. So for example, if a customer fills in a form for 7 cakes, this will trigger the creation of 7 new cake records in another table.

I’ve been trying to figure this out with Paths on Zapier, but to no avail. I have a feeling this might be doable using Code by Zapier, but coding is very much outside of my current skill level (although willing to learn if someone can point me in the right direction!).

And apologies in advance if I’m incorrectly using this forum. I am relatively new to Airtable as well as the community. Thank you!

Hi Sheryl, welcome to the community!

Yes, this is a complicated challenge with Airtable’s standard (code-free) features. You are describing an automatic process and while Airtable is pretty good with human-driven processes, automated things like creating a collection of records based on a field value is well beyond its reach [presently].

This article seems to be what you are looking for.

I suspect there are ways to use Zapier to do this and the benefit would be a fully automated solution; i.e., it would create these additional task records automatically just a few minutes after entering the field that triggers the process.

A slightly less advantageous approach is to use a Script Block; an internal scripting feature.

Perhaps there are some good advisors here in the forum like @kuovonne who have already built something like this which seems like a really obvious thing people will want to do.

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Thanks, but it is only partially built so far. There are lots of nuances that I am working on.

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Thanks @Bill.French! This was very helpful and good to know that this level of automation isn’t available within the Airtable system yet. So I’ll try out the sources you’ve directed me to and see what workarounds I can incorporate.


If you are still interested in a scripting solution, I posted one here.

The system is not completely automated. You still need to click the “run” button for the script. However, the script will create new linked records for multiple orders all at once.

Oh my goodness @kuovonne, you’re the best! Thank you so much for this! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is amazing! Thank you.

I wonder if there is a simple way to filter this script for a specific view?

I would love to see this script but the link to it is broken. Is there an alternative location?



This is a similar script:


Hum. I don’t know why the link is broken. That entire thread has disappeared. You can also find the script at the BuiltOnAir scripting library.

Thank you, that is really helpful,