How to trigger Google Tag Manager when an Airtable form is submitted on my website?

Hello !

I’d like to track leads who fill the airtable form embed in my website in order to make Facebook ads. Do you know how I have to set GTM to manage it ?

I first created a thank you page but my browser (Chrome) blocks it as a pop up page (perhaps because my website juggles between my domain name and Airtable one ?) and I’m concerned my customers have the same issue.

Thank you for your help !


Hey! If you are iFraming the form, can you not just trigger GTM on the page your form resides, then create a custom redirect and fire off the tag again upon submission?

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Hi Saastronomical !

Thank you for your quick answer.

It is what I have done first actually. But between both, a page appears during a few second (cf sceenshot ) leting people time to leave.
Moreover, if they stay, Chrome sometime blocks the thank you page as a pop up and they are redirecting on the form again.

Do you use this method on your website ? Does the tracking results are consistents ?

Do you know if their is an other option ?

Ah ok - Got it. Is there no way you can trigger the GTM tag as a query string in the re-direct URL?

(It’s been a looooong time since I used GTM, so I’m not sure if that would work or not)

Don’t think so, as I don’t have acces to Airtable source code.

Maybe you could trigger via Zapier/Integromat? When a new record gets added trigger the tag?

I’m going to look deeper into this option. Thank you for the advice !

I already have some questions :

  • Where would you put the tag ?

  • Do you think GTM will be able to reconize that the customer who just filled the form is the same as the one for which the tag is triggering thanks to Zapier ? In the case there is two people connected on the same page for exemple

  1. I would just set up the tag to fire via webhook, if that’s possible?
  2. Yes Zapier/Integromat can pass the form data into the webhook

I’m not familiar with webhook but I’m going to learn about it.
Thanks again for your help !

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