How to trigger node code from Airtable we hooks using the ngrok?

Has anybody tried this ?

Not sure how exactly you want to use Ngrok → I am guessing when something happens in Airtable → trigger webhook (which is provided by NGROK)?

If so what you can do is - set a trigger (eg. when record enters view) and use it to start a script:

The script I am using is extremely simple:

const inputData = input.config()

const {recordId} = inputData

const response = await fetch(""+recordId)

console.log(await response.status)

My automation is using webhook from , so I need to pass there only record ID of the record and I use Airtable module there to pick up other relevant information from Airtable

If you want to pass more infromation to Ngrok webhook, you could chain it in the fetch above with &variable2=valuehere&variable3=valuehere.

I hope that helps?

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