How to undo an single select entry

How to undo an single select entry? If a user checks an item in error, how to undo. I know CTRL Z for immediate error. But how later?


You can repeat CTRL Z many times and it will undo entries beginning with the last entry, then second last entry etc.


You want to clear a Single Select field? Just press Backspace or Delete, or press the little X icon to delete the value.


I need to delete an entry some time after it is made. Long after ctrl-z is possible

And why you can’t do what I said? I am missing something? :thinking:

Hi @Landings_Holiday

You might want to take a look at this thread of posts:

I also tested a go-around option of achieving this by removing the single select option from my iPad (mobile version) and it seems that you can do it with app. You just go the individual record, select the field that has the option you want to delete and just deselect the option. You may want to experiment with a test base and see if the change will show up on the desktop version.

Hope I understood your post.

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