How to use a selective Lookup field


hi All,
I got two tables, TableA and Table B

In TableB, I have a lot of records and every record has a field called type. The type is either Chair, Table, Sofa, etc.
In TableA (Not on TableB), I need to be able to link to TableB and count the number of Tables, the number of Chairs, and the number of Sofas, etc. I also would like to get to get more fields if the type of record is a Table.

How can I achieve this ?

At the moment, the only way I figured is to have a link , and use a Lookup field. However, Lookup field brings an array of ALL the different types. I could not find a way to select only certain records. Also this solution means that I have to link every record in TableB to tableA for the lookup to retrieve the records.

hope it makes sense ?


Hi all,
i think i figured out the solution using Conditional RollUp …