How to use date and time for conditions in scripting app

Hi so i have a airtable table and it has date and time field. I wanted to use those value for time for calculation condition and date for comparison basically i want if else based on date and time values. How can i use that? i used JavaScript functions for that but still i cannot get my desired output. Please someone help me out here. IT IS VERY URGENT pls.

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Don’t overcomplicate this and forget about the Scripting block, because Airtable’s formulas are perfect for your use case and take a fraction of a time to set up. You don’t even have to use VALUE() to do things manually given the existence of datetime_parse, datetime_diff, fromnow, tonow, etc.

JavaScript itself has nothing that comes close to Airtable’s (JS-powered) datation library that formula fields are by now.

no need to reply anymore. ignorants

Lol, I guess the world kept turning in spite of one vague and hastily written post on a productivity software board, go figure.

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