How to use scripting block to run other blocks

Hi Airtable community!

I am working on a table that inputs schedules for our contractors. Their schedule is then linked to their dedicated record in our database. An issue arises when they schedule for next week before this week due to the sorting of the linked records. I found a way to sort linked records by the week they’re scheduled for by placing said week in the name of the record that we are linking. I can then order these by the week using the Batch Update block. So that solved my problem, now the issue is that the Batch Update block needs to run every time a new record is inputted into the schedule table.

In essence, is there any code I can write in the scripting block that will automatically trigger when a new schedule is inputted that will trigger to run the Batch Update block?

Welcome to the community, @Rajesh_Patel! :smiley: Sorry that you haven’t had a response before now. While the scripting block itself doesn’t support what you want, there’s a feature in the beta phase that will: scripting actions. Here’s the teaser post about it, including a link where you can sign up to join the beta.

With this feature, you can trigger a script to run when a new record is added, which sounds like it would solve your problem.

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