How to use Tailwind CSS with Airtable apps?

I’m trying to use Tailwind CSS with Airtable, but I’m not quite sure how to properly integrate the CSS. For context, I’m an experienced backend developer but my frontend experience consists of simple HTML and building simple React components. I know little about different frontend build systems.

I know that it’s possible to import Tailwind from the CDN, but my understanding is that requires an HTML view to add the <a> tag that handles the import. Since Airtable doesn’t expose the HTML, I’m unsure if that is possible.

Does anyone know of a very simple guide that walks through creating an Airtable app with Tailwind (or any custom CSS), bundling/building it if necessary, and uploading it to Airtable?

I haven’t used Tailwind but generally you import CSS either from a string (loadCSSFromString) or from a url (loadCSSFromURLAsync)

Perfect! Thanks so much @Kamille_Parks!!

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