How to use the Main column and link to other sheets

I’m looking for some help in how to set this up properly.

My main table has the 1st column that is an App.

Table 1:

I’d like to to have another table where the main 1st column is directly linked and the same as on Table 1.

without just copying and pasting them over.

I have another Table that is “Company” that has all the data on the company that created the App1 which is simple to link via relational because the column 1.

Hi @Roland_Ligtenberg,

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It doesnt seem right to have 2 tables with exactly the same info in the Primary Field. In addition to that, the primary field cannot be linked to another table, the way around it is to have the link in the 2nd field and then have the primary field as a formula that reads from the this field.

If you want to avoid copy paste then you have to use Zapier to make it automatic.

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Thanks Mo! I guess I should get used to views/filters/hidden fields if I want it all in one big table.

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That is definitely one of the most powerful tools of Airtable :slight_smile: you should use views as much as possible.

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