How to view sum total of different sheets all together

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As you can see in the picture I’ve two sheets here. So the sum of Sheet 1 is $2890 and sum of sheet No 2 is $3400. IS there any way to combining the sum together and view them at once?

Thanks in advance!

For starters, is there a particular reason you are storing unit checkins in separate Tables instead of the same Table with multiple Views?

Really seems like you should have this info stored in the same table to begin with, and use View filters to show one unit at a time, with one unfiltered view showing all units.

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Hi @Kamille_Parks thank you for your response and really appreciate your suggestions. I’ve tried keeping all units in the same page but It’s really an inconvenience for me as I have 16 units and a bunch of bookings to deal with. Also I wanna keep track of progress of every individual unit.

Do you think using excel formulas can help?

Nope, because this isn’t Excel and (most of) the formulas don’t match.

Are you using Filtered Views? That’s precisely what they’re designed for: showing one “thing” at a time.

You’d have 17 views: one for each unit, and one showing all units.

I’ve tried using filtered view but not for like in broad way for every unit. But I’ll do it now amd see how that goes along. Thank you for your help.

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