How would you guys add a "comment" column to your Airtable?


I am looking to add a column, “Comments”, where my users can add their comments to any row without worrying about overwriting existing comments. For example, Alice can attach a comment to a row and Bob can reply that comment on the same row without deleting Alice’s comment.

How can I replicate such functionalities in Airtable?


I’d suggest using the built in chat feature. You can add comments about a record via the chat and they don’t overwrite each other - the flow like a continuous conversation about a record. You just need to expand a record to see the comments.

Here it is on desktop:

And on mobile:


Oh that is wonderful!

Is there a way to set the counter to 0 or do I have to manually delete all the comments?


I’m not quite sure what your reason for needing to delete the comments is, but no, you can’t clear them all. In fact a user can only delete the comments they made. You cannot delete comments made by another user - they persist on the record as long as the record exists.


Thanks for answering. The reason i want to reset it to zero is because I want to glance over the rows and see which one demands my attention.


Another option, if you need to be able to delete comments, is to create a separate “Comments” table:

Then link to the comments in your main table:

Users can create comments directly from the main table, and they can be individually deleted:

It’s not the most elegant solution, but I think it mostly gets you what you are looking for. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I have the same need as @Vincent_Ng where the comments on a record are great until you realize you can’t dismiss a comment that you might have taken an action on, to avoid having the number of comments in the record at all times.
Say if you had a conversation about a particular record weeks ago and everything has been solved since. the record would still show a number, unless all parties involved in the conversation go back to that conversation and delete their own comments.
The Feature Request would be to have the ability of “Dismissing” comments so that they do not add to the comments total for each record.
We ended up adding a Long Text ‘Comments’ field on our table where we can mention (@) people, so it is easy to see which records have comments and once feedback is implemented, conversation can be deleted from the field A.K.A Dismiss. The record history will save all of those interactions one by one but now you don’t have the visual indication of a conversation under each record.