How would you make a blood test tracker in Airtable?

In Google Sheets, I’m experimenting with making a Sheet to log blood test results.

  • Types of things (eg. proteins, minerals, red blood count) tested for are on the Y axis.
  • Adjacent, each has a normal-range threshold, defined by the lower limit and the upper limit.
  • Then, the subsequent X axis includes a number of different date columns, carrying the specific numerical result for each test type.

Due to complexity of views, I can imagine using an Airtable Table eg. to group test types - eg. there are a number of White Blood Cell test types.

But how else / how well could this translate to Airtable?

Each thing tested for has a normal range, defined by two column cells containing the lower and upper thresholds, accordingly. This allows me to use Conditional Formatting to shade the cell background cell green/red if the reading is out of range. What can I do with Airtable here?

Indeed, do I have the axes the right way around? Am I better off recording each test (eg. Nov 6, 2021) as a record, with numerous horizontal fields for each thing tested for?

Any charting opportunities in any of this?


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