How would you setup a Base to track thousands of real estate properties (broker CRM)?

I am about to obtain my broker’s license and I would like to start marketing to a very specific niche of properties that fit this sort of criteria:

  • 2-10 units within a few ZIP codes I know well
  • Non-corporate owner
  • No property sale in the last 10-15 years

I have a list of properties in one neighborhood and the list is about 1,000 properties. I imagine this list could get up to 5,000 and that’s the maximum I’d focus marketing on. I want to use airtable so that I can keep track of all of the communications, notes, data, and be able to see the properties on a map block. I use Airtable as my personal CRM and like how i can access it through an app or through my browser.

How you best create a base to organize everything? My thought is the following:

The following would be fields in no particular order:

  1. Property Address (fields for address, city, county, state, zip)
  2. Mailing Address (fields for mailing address, city, county, state, zip)
  3. Property specific information (fields for # of units, boolean for tax deliquency, Year built, property square footage, last sale date, outstanding mortgage balance, mortgage origination date, etc)
  4. Owner information (this field would be linked to “OWNER TABLE”)
  5. Misc information (fields for a) Notes (where I would take notes in a long text field), b) Files for images or anything else, c) Field for “MAILER CAMPAIGN TABLE”)
  6. Sales/Marketing Information (field for (a) Seller Interest (high, low, medium), (b) sales process stage (qualification, marketing, in contract, etc), © other fields
  7. Market Comps (comparable properties that I could track in their own COMPS TABLE)

This would be important to see if anyone owns a bunch of properties and is interested in one property, they might be interested in selling multiple

  1. Owner Name
  2. Property Address (linked to PROPERTY TABLE), could own multiple properties
  3. Mailing Address (do I need to repeat this in case an owner could own multiple properties with different addresses (not likely)
  4. Contact Info (Phone Number, email, etc.)


  1. Campaign #/name
  2. Property Addresses (linked to PROPERTY TABLE)
  3. Other fields (such as a notes field, a file field (i.e. for receipts of paid marketing campaign)


  1. Comp Address
  2. Property Addresses (linked to PROPERTY TABLE)
  3. Sale information (fields for sales price, total SF, sales date, total # of beds, baths, units, etc., formulas for price per SF, note field, file field)

I think this is how I initially would set it up. I probably am way overthinking this, but I’ve set up Airtable bases before that have been both (1) way too complex to start where you get lost, and also (2) too simple initially where I’ve had fields but then all of the existing data becomes “bare” without useful information.

What do you all think?

Also another question would be should I create another Base to organize any other contacts? Or should I create another Table that could be the following?


  1. Contact Type (field for Buyer/Investor or Seller, or Other (i.e. lender, Title, Attorney)
  3. Etc. other useful info

Last question, I would like to hire an assistant or another agent to help me with this, but I don’t want them to have access to EVERYTHING. For instance, maybe I would only like this person to have access to a specific view and don’t want this person to have access to my entire database. Can anything be done about this?

At first glance a few things pop out at me.

  • If you don’t have a Pro subscription yet, you would need one to handle that many records.

  • It looks like you want two addresses for each property and two addresses for each owner. That is a lot of fields. Consider moving all addresses to a single [addresses] table. Then link to that table. it will make it easier to tell if the property address, mailing address, and owner address are all the same.

  • Consider combining both contacts and owners in the same [people] table. Use fields to specify what type of contact. Link [properties] to [people] to show who owns what. This would be considered a one-to-many relationship. (One owner can have many properties.)

  • This sounds like a lot of data. Make sure you have a data entry method that will work. You may need to setup the base one way to accommodate the initial source for the data and then adjust the structure later to fit how you would like to use it.

  • If the assistant or agent you hire would need to edit any of the data, you would have to give access to all of the data in the base.

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