How you can create a column for counting number of entries in each cell of a column? Is there a formula for that?

I am trying to count the number of values entered in each cell of a column, just so that I can perform certain automation. like for example, if the column name is 'Colleagues" and the first row in this column contains three names of colleagues. Then how can I automatically detect that there are 3 names/values entered in this cell?

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Do the values in the cell come from a "linked to " field? If yes you can create a new field with the type of “count” and this counts the values which are in the field.

If it doesn’t work please don’t hesitate to post back again :slight_smile:


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I have got the answer,
I tried out this one for counting number of entries(and yes it was linked using lookup for colleagues) ::

Thanks for the reply.

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