HTML in Form Submission Message


Another feature request for you guys - HTML in the form submission message.

A friend of mine (who I’ve turned on to Airtable) is using Airtable to collect information via forms for his business. I’d love to be able to put a PayPal button in the form submission message for people that decide they want to buy on the spot after giving us their info.


Agreed, support for HTML in BOTH the “Submission Success” screen AND the static “Help” text beneath each form field would be HUGE. In our case, we need clickable email links.

At minimum we need email addresses to auto-link, opening the user’s native mail client (NOT popping up an email-from-Airtable option). But ideally, we could bury suck addresses/mailto: links within our overall copy. Just like we would in email, or any other platform that supports basic HTML.