I am using the now() function to get the current date,

The problem is every time I bring up the table it adds today’s date in there what I would like to do is only add the date once when the record is created.

Convert your Formula field into a Created Time field type, or keep it as a Formula field and use CREATED_TIME() instead.


That works just fine, but he created another problem, I am using the date field in a email when I build my automation. Unfortunately it gives me the European format even though I said to use the friendly format in the table. It looks perfect when I display the table but when I sent it out in the email it goes back to the European version. When I use the other function I could put (MMM, D YYYY) and it would show up perfectly. I hope I didn’t get to wordy.

Then keep the field as a Formula and use DATETIME_FORMAT(CREATED_TIME(), "MMM, D YYYY")


I don’t know if it’s proper to say Thank You !!

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