I can't select my lookup column when I want to use Count :/

I did have the same issue than others here: I would like to count how many Requesters we have, but I cannot find it on the dropdown… Did I do something wring while setting up my tab?

Thank you very much -in advance- for your help!!!

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 13.12.55|690x346

Hi @Maud_Benaddi

Based on your screenshot, it looks like you might need a “Rollup” field instead of a “Count” field for your situation.

Try using a “Rollup” field and the COUNTA(values) rollup function.

Thank you Jeremy for your answer, but I got exactly the same problem with the rollup: I cannot find my “requester” column on the dropdown :confused:

(and Idk why I can’t link screenshots anymore to my posts here!)

Your “requester” column is a field in a different table. You need to Rollup the table that this column is looked up from in the first place, and then the “requester” field.

It worked! Thank you very much Jeremy :blush:

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