I created an account to accept an invitation to a workspace, but the workspace isn't showing up

My boss sent me an Airtable invitation to my email so that I could make edits in our company’s workspace. I created an account with the email the invitation was sent to so I could accept the invitation, but every time I click the invitation link it brings me back to my blank default workspace. How do I add my company’s workspace to my account if not through the invitation link? Is this something I can do from my end, or does my boss need to do something?

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Are you logged into Airtable with the exact same email address that he sent the invite link to?

I have the same issue and yes I’m logged into Airtable with the exact same email address the invite link was sent to. What do we do?

It’s possible that the invitation was withdrawn. If not, I would contact Airtable Support at support@airtable.com so they can look into this issue for you.

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