I don't want collaborators to see my hidden fields

I don’t want collaborators to see my hidden fields or to have option to expand hidden fields. Is that possible?

I have multiple personal views for each collaborator, and I don’t want them to see certain fields as they expand the record.

Also, I do not want collaborators to see all personal views. I just want em to see view that is assigned to them, because they’ll always have that option “Show everyone’s personal view”.

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No, unfortunately, that is not possible. Airtable allows all collaborators to have full viewing access to the entire base.

But how can one limit the view for collaborators? I mean, some of us are using airtable with all kinds of private information, so we can not let all collaborators know about everything. Why are there admin, editor and other roles, if we can not limit the view of certain collaborators. Why should read-only collaborators have access to hidden fields, for example? Also, I can’t do that with interface too, because automatically if I add collaborators to interface, they’ll get full access to my base.
I mean, I love airtable, but it’s not for serious use because of stuff like this.

You would need to use an external portal tool such as MiniExtensions.com.

This is such a massive bummer - so many other competing tools like Coda allow you to do this easily. Why not a more established tool like Airtable?

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I don’t work for Airtable. I’m just another Airtable user, just like you guys. I would send your feedback to support@airtable.com, because they don’t read what we write in these forums.

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Exactly. And I can bet everyone would love that update and option.

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