I have a form that has a question that is single select. A couple of the questions are longer than others and it is just cutting off the end when you open the form. Any ideas?

Below are the options on the single select but it won’t let me see the rest of the sentence on the form.
Any ideas?

  • Traffic and parking flow well, and that helps me enter service in a great m…

  • Traffic flows well, but entering/exiting the parking lot can be chaotic

  • The traffic and parking lot are both stressful and I often walk into service…

  • Honestly, traffic is a major factor in whether or not I attend service each w…

Hi @Bliss_Ellis,

Welcome to Airtable Community ! :smiley:

I believe for a single select field, that is a very long sentence.

Your better option would be to make it a Linked Record Field, this will allow the full sentence to be displayed.


I will try that. Thank you!

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