I have a list of coordinates and want to plug them in a return what city/state/country they are in

I have a table with many thousands of coordinates. I would like to search these data points by city or state or country but I only have the pairs. Does anyone know whether the Maps app can return such data?

Alternatively, does anyone have any solutions other than the Maps app?

Thank you!

The maps app can show you where these locations are, but it doesn’t have the search functionality you need as near as I recall.

You can create a search feature with lat/lngs though - create an automation script (or script block) that reverse geo-encodes the city, state, country from the lat/lng pairs. Then use Airtable search features to find the records based on the city/state/country values.

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Very cool! Going to look into that in the next couple hours, will let you know if it works

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