I have been communicating with someone who is representing as HR for this Co. Is it legit?

I was contacted this morning by someone who is presenting as a representative of your HR department. I was told to download a messaging app called Telegram. the person’s name is Henry Richie and he’s been asking me a number of questions regarding my qualifications. He has asked me how I would like to be paid and what banking institution I use. I wanted to make sure that I am communicating with a representative of your company.

Hi @Khadijah_J-Moore

I would also send a copy of this to Airtable at support@airtable.com

If you could let us know what Airtable says.

That would help us to be aware, if we need to.

Thank you,
Mary Kay

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If someone emails you out of the blue to get your banking information, you are obviously being targeted in a scam.

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