I need help with a formula to indicate a 21 day reminder before renewal

What I need:

For a field to update automatically with a status change if there is 21 days remaining before the clients renewal date.

For example, if the next renewal date is 21 days away I would want a “Status of Renewal” field to say ‘Close To Renewal’, but I would also want to know if the member is still ‘Active’ or if they are past the ‘Next Renewal’ date then it has to say ‘Needs Renewal’.


I will give this to you as a two part formula for ease and clarity but obviously can be nested one inside the other

so to get the days between now and renewal - Calculation of days to renewal is defined as


then you can have a second formula

IF(Calculation<0,“Needs Renewal”,IF(Calculation<21,“Close to Renewal”,“OK”))

This obviously gives your field as a formula - if you want it to be anything else (e.g. single select field) - then you will need to use automations based on the results of those formulae and potentially views to trigger

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