I need help with a linked fields problem

Hi all,
I have a problem with a project i am carrying out.

I have a table A. with a X record which is linked to a field Y in table B and field Z in table C.

After I have a table D. This records are linked to a field in table A.

So , records in table D , are linked indirectly to table B and C.

Now i have a table E, which is an input record to control hours.

When I add a record with a field linked to table D, I can add a field with a lookup function, to show the linked field in table A.

My problem is that i need to fill automatically as well, fields Y and Z which are linked to field in table A.

Some idea how to perform this task?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Jose_C

You can do that by getting the Record Id from Table B & C to Table A, then using those record IDs trigger an automation to update those records based on data from Table E

Hi @Mohamed_Swellam

Many thanks for your help, but i can´t do it work with your approach.

I am going to be more explicit in order to receive your help.

I select from [1]. a linked field, lets say HU-3/PRD43-1
Automatically with a lookup i get [2] and [3] and [4]

This field [4]. needs to be “copied” in another linked field i [5] in the same record

Thats the point… i am trying what you say

but , im stucked.

Nothing works.

If you can give me a solution, I will be very grateful

This is very easy actually :slight_smile:

You just need to input the correct values in the above fields.

Record ID is the Record ID from the test step and the field you need to update “Prefil comprador” should have a dynamic value of “Pais name”

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I made a mistake
[5] is pais

but then i try this

and then I input [1] that automatically puts [4]


but not [5]
it is still empty…
automation is not working, and i dont know why


The trigger is incorrect. It should be “When Record Matches Condition” and the condition should be 1 is not empty and 5 is empty

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Many thanks,

it works like a charm!!!

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The only problem is that changes in [1]. as it is a linked record from other table, is not reflecting in [5]
it is like [5] is static after the automation.

Some idea?

You mean that 5 can change? In this case we need to think of another trigger. Maybe when a field is modified and make it watch 1?

It not very usual, so i am going to remain with your solution.

Many thanks

Anytime :slight_smile:

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