I need my Airtable to be transformed to geoJson

Hey guys!!

So I am doing a project, and a need an airtable with the name of a restaurant and the position of it (in coordinates), I will use an API to extract my data from my airtable, but I need it to be in GEOJSON.
Do I use the map app?

How can I do this?

Thank you guys!!

Nope. Almost positive the Map App will encode locations in a binary format. You need a script process that given lat/lng (or plotline or polygon point collections) will generate geoJSON in a new field such that it can then be extracted via an external API call.

It might be possible to do this with a formula field, but that may also get a little complex.

Maybe send your address data to mapbox.com, which can transform your data into geoJSON.

@ScottWorld makes a correct assessment of this challenge.

  • If you are using an API to access your Airtable locations and you only have street addresses in that data set, you might as well use an API to encode the addresses and then serialize the results into geoJSON format. MabBox provides this exact API functionality.
  • If you already have the locations encoded as lat/lng data, you need only perform the serialization process to create the geoJSON format for each location feature.

Often, the answer requires a clearer picture of what happens after the API retrieves the location data, so we’re making some assumptions about your overall architecture and objectives in the process. Feel free to provide additional insights and I’ll bet the right approach will become more clear.

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