I wish I could quickly merge two records selected on a grid view

It would be really nice if I could select two (or more) records with the checkboxes on my grid view and have a Merge Records option on the context menu that shows up when I right-click.

Clicking Merge would take me right to the “Resolve duplicate records” window of the Dedupe block, skipping the part where I have to select which table, view and fields I want to use in order to find duplicates.

I want to be able to find duplicates on the fly and merge them as I happen to notice them, instead of it being a whole separate task that I do in batches because it’s too cumbersome to do for just a couple records.

Couldn’t you just have DeDupe set up to look for records with a Checkbox field checked? Sure you’d be adding one more field to your base, but it allows you to configure the app once and identify duplicates yourself on the fly

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That is a good work-around to keep in mind if I ever have a particular table or view where I frequently wanted to do a one-off dedupe.

The convenience of adding a merge option to the context menu when multiple records are selected is that it would work for all tables without having to add an extra field, the checkbox to select a record is always visible vs. a special field that I might want to hide to remove clutter, and I don’t have to remember to uncheck my checkboxes afterward since if I click away from a selected record it will automatically de-select.

On the topic of Dedupe App improvements, I wish there was a back button on the Resolve Duplicate Records window for when I too-hastily skip a set of records but then change my mind and want to go back to take a closer look at them without having to start the whole dedupe process over again (in situations where I have been skipping a bunch of records that aren’t actually duplicates in order to get to a handful of records that actually are duplicates).