IDatabase Import

Looking for advice or interface to convert records from IDatabase to Airtable. Thank you!

Hi @Jim_Florence

I managed to find a help page on exporting records from IDatabase. If can export your records as a CSV format, you should be able to import that file type into Airtable.

If you have Airtable Pro Plan, there is a CSV block that will allow you to import your records. You can also import records as a CSV file into the free version of Airtable, too.

Hope this helps.
Mary K

Thank you Mary. I was able to use the instructions to import my files.

Where I need help is converting the many records with photos that I have. CSV does not allow that function.

iDatabase does have an export with photo feature. I just can’t figure out how to import into Airtable. I’ve searched the Internet with no avail.


Hi @Jim_Florence

Thank you for your reply.

I am glad it worked.

In terms of attaching photos, you could start by exporting your photos in a folder on your computer. Take a look at this post thread in Airtable Community:

See if that will help.

Mary Kay

P.S. The Gallery view is in the upper, left area, on the desktop version of Airtable.

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