Ideas for making IF/THEN statements to CONCANTENATE fields depending on "item type"

I am trying to create a formula to name records by concatenating specific fields but using different groups of fields depending on the item type.

In other words:

IF {Item Type} is Watch,

THEN CONCANTENATE {Field 1} {Field 2} {Field 3}


IF {Item Type} is Necklace CONCANTENATE {Field 4} {Field 5} {Field 6}

… and so on for 8 or so item types.

This is how the formula looks currently:

Is it possible to do this?

Help appreciated! I love Airtable but I have no formula skillz.

Sounds like you want to use SWITCH() instead of a nested IF() statement since you’re checking the same variable against multiple possible values:

   {Item Type},
   "Watch", CONCATENATE({Field 1}, " ", {Field 2}, " ", {Field 3}),
   "Necklace", CONCATENATE({Field 4}, " ", {Field 5}, " ", {Field 6}),
   "3rd item type", CONCATENATE(...),
   "4th item type", CONCATENATE(...),
   "5th item type", CONCATENATE(...),
   "some sort of default value if none of the above item types match"

Thanks for the tip! I’ll play around with this tomorrow. :+1: I’m also going to check out your podcast. :slight_smile:

Update: So far this is working beautifully. Thanks again & the podcast is great. :+1:

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