Identify a "client number" in a table



I am new to Airtable, and need some help. I have linked a form to a table that may be filled in several times by the same person. Each time, the person has to identify him-herself with their ‘client number’, and then give some information, including a number (the number of products they are willing to buy). I am interested in recording these operations, but I also want another table where the sum of these numbers appear, sorted by client numbers.

How do I make Airtable continuously recognize by itself the ‘client number’, and then add the corresponding value in the client’s “account” (in another table)? And what happens if a client doesn’t write his/her client number correctly?

Thank you a lot!


These two pages should help make sense of what I’m describing below.

You’ll need 2 tables

Clients and Client Data

Clients table will have ‘client number’ as the primary field, which will be a linked field in the Client Data Form View. Have your user ‘# of products’ field in the Clients Data table, and then in the Clients table, rollup and sum the field now automatically linked to the ‘# of products’ from the Clients Data table

The only slight concern is that everyone can see each other’s client numbers, but it prevents an incorrect number from being entered. Also, if they were just typing in the client number, there also wouldn’t be anything to stop them from entering someone else’s client number.


Thank you for your answer!

Isn’t there another solution, where clients cannot see each other’s client numbers? Even if it implies the possibility of entering a wrong number, it is not be a problem if it notifies me somehow when a client number did not match any of our data base.

It bothers me because the client numbers are based on personal data about the clients.


In order to get the an auto sum of the number of items that the client is willing to buy it, and not use a publicly accessible client number as a linked record, You would have to go in afterwards, and associate/link each client created record with the client in the client table. At least without using an integration, I don’t think there is a native way to reference values(# of a given product) from records that share the same value in another static field(client number).

It sounds like you might need a solution where the clients can login so that their information is segregated from other clients.