Identify the record associated to a button used to open a custom extension


I’m trying to develop a custom extension, but I’m facing an issue.
I’ve defined a button associated with action “Open Custom Extension” that points to my custom extension.
However in both case, I’m unable to retrieve the recordId of the line of the clicked button:

  • When extension panel is closed
  • When extension panel is opened

I’m trying to retrieve the “selectedRecordIds” but upon a button click, it remains empty…
Is it possible to retrieve this?
Is it possible for the custom extension, that the source event is a click on a button?


Welcome to the Airtable community.

You can get the triggering button using the recordActionData. This is different from the selectedRecordIds.

Hello @kuovonne, thank you for the quick answer.

If I understand the documentation well, it’s not possible to test the button in development mode but only when the app is released.
To test the useRecordActionData hook in a development mode, the Perform record action within the Advanced panel.
So the button actually fires no trigger in development mode, is that correct?


Correct. I usually create a formula field in the table that generates the record action data so that I can copy/paste the value into the Advanced panel for testing.

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