Identify unique user submitting Records via Forms

I am attempting to create a Form to standardize intake parameters for a receiving team. I would like to know which user is responsible for submitting each record. Currently i am unable to find a way utilizing the Form view to have the user ID auto populated when that user accesses the form. Is this something that is possible.

The only work around we have found for this is to create unique prefill URLs for each user, which is not ideal and still allows the user to manually modify that info.

All form submissions are anonymous. There are two workarounds:

  1. The one you mention: distribute form link URLs that prefill a field with the name of the user
  2. Create one form view for each user, distribute the share link to only the relevant user, and use an Automation triggered by “When form is submitted” to fill in the user’s name after the fact. This requires one Automation per form view/user.
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