Identify which form view data came from


I run an event. Participants can suggest multiple different types of program items to have (talk, workshop, etc.). Since Airtable doesn’t support form logic (grr) this requires multiple forms, as each item has different requirements (for a workshop I need to know room layout, for a performance I need to know A/V needs, etc.).

I noticed that a single table can support multiple form views, so in theory I can gather all this data in one place, which is great. But to do that, I need some way to indicate which form the data came from so I know which item type it’s for.

Airtable also doesn’t support hidden form fields (grr!). It will look bad to have a form that says “Workshop Proposal Form” and then have a question for “What kind of item is this?” with “workshop” as the only answer. So is there any way to create a form key of some kind? Or am I stuck making one table for each type of item, or doing some hacky workaround like creating fields called email-workshop and email-talk and using those to gather email addresses in the relevant forms, with back-end logic of "if email-workshop has data in it, this is item type workshop"?


I think you could know the type of activity base on the data filled. You decide what Fields to show on the Form based on the type of activity, so is the inverse.