If a field is blank use another field

Very new to this so apologise if its a simple question. I have a field that is “cost”, a field that is “cost over-ride” and then a feild that is “actual cost”. What i want to do is to use the cost over-ride field but if blank use “cost”. Any tips will be much appreciated.

Welcome to the forums @Liam_Woolley!

You should be able to do this by making {actual cost} into a formula field with an IF() statement. The formula would look something like this:

IF({cost over-ride}, {cost over-ride}, cost)

This simply checks if {cost over-ride} has a value, and if it does, it uses that value. If not, it uses {cost}.

Make sure to also edit the Formatting on the {actual cost} formula field, you’ll need to change it to Currency.

Hope that helps.

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