IF and DATEADD Forumlas together


I am trying to get repeating tasks to work based on their regularity (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) with the IF and DATEADD formula used together. Here is what I have tried:

Can anyone suggest where I am going wrong?

Hi Hazel. Well, it looks like your formula needs another closing right paren. If you want to add in the capabilities for monthly & daily, then add another IF… right after “7, ‘days’)”


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Thanks for your help, unfortunately it is still not working for me… this is what I have now as the basic weekly formula:

IF(Repeating = ‘Weekly’, DATEADD ({Due date} ,7,‘days’))

Perhaps I am going wrong elsewhere…

This is a better use case for SWITCH() than it is for a nested IF() statement since you’re comparing the same thing over and over.

   DATEADD({Due date}, 1, "days"),
   DATEADD({Due date}, 1, "week"),
   DATEADD({Due date}, 1, "month"),
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So I just recreated everything to match what you’re doing and it works for me. One thing that stands out to me that I don’t understand is that green circle in the formula window of the screen snip you shared.

You clearly had formula in there before that worked, as I can see the values in lower rows. Is there more of the formula in the window that we can’t see?

I’m stumped.

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More or less the same formula as above, but made more efficient:

   AND({Repeating}, {Due date}),
      {Due date},
         "Daily", "days"
         "Weekly", "weeks",
         "Monthly", "months"

Yes, you are right, I have the DATEADD part working but not the Repeating… All sorted now - thank you for all your suggestions!

This worked like a dream - thank you so much!

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