If / And / Find Formula Help

I need to generate a lead time result based on the contents of a product description {Item Name}. Any help here would be much appreciated.

If find “Spider” in {Item Name} result = 30
If find “Raw” in {Item Name} result = 3
If do NOT find “Raw” or “Spider” in {Item Name} result = 7

I tried the formula below, using all the colors in the descriptions to try to isolate the result, but it sums up the results. ie. “730”.

IF(FIND(“Raw”, {Item Name}), 3) & IF(FIND(“Black”, {Item Name}), 7) & IF(FIND(“White”, {Item Name}), 7) & IF(FIND(“Clear”, {Item Name}), 7) & IF(FIND(“Turquoise”, {Item Name}), 7) & IF(FIND(“Spider”, {Item Name}), 30)

Hi Matt. Give this a try…

IF(FIND(‘Spider’,{Item Name}),30,IF(FIND(‘Raw’,{Item Name}),3,7))

Good luck.

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