If and Then Formula help


Good morning

I want to create a formula based on field

For example

If this field is = to A then do this ( Field X *15 ) … if the field is = to B then do this ( Field X *20)

    {Field} = 'A',


2 notes :smile:

  • If you only can have A or B, you don’t need the second IF
  • I think you can do Field * IF(Field = 'A', A, B)
  • Also, if you’re multiplying a number you must not use ' around the values.

And of course check the docs: https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/203255215-Formula-field-reference#logical


Depending on what the ‘else’ section of the formula is, though, writing it as an A-or-B choice can mean the field shows as '#ERROR' or 'NaN' until something is entered in the matched field — which can worry some users and make executive presentations very uncomfortable. :wink:

I’ve been trying to force myself into the habit of wrapping most formulas with an IF() statement whose job is simply to prevent the formula from being executed until there is actual data entry to evaluate (comments for illustrative purposes only; can’t be included in actual formula):

    {Field},                             ; means '{Field} is not empty'
    [The original formula]               ; execute the formula
    )                                    ; otherwise, do nothing

And, of course, if the field might match 'A' or it might match 'B' or it might be empty or match a value other than 'A' or 'B', the A-or-B solution doesn’t work. (I know you know that, but filling in some blanks for the user who finds this thread a year from now while searching ‘Ask the community.’~ :slight_smile: )