If Checkbox is ticked, ignore other outputs and return value


I’ve been trying to work this out for hours but I’m afraid my knowledge of airtable formulas is quite nascent.

I’ve got this current formula:

DATETIME_DIFF({Due},TODAY(),‘hours’) >= 12,
DATETIME_DIFF({Due},TODAY(),‘hours’) <= 48
“Due Soon”,
“Past Due”,
“Due Today”,

Which gives me different values depending on how much time is left in the “Due” column. I’m trying to add another variable that says that if checkbox column “Done” is ticked, disregard all the above formula and return value “Complete”. How can I go about doing this please?

To evaluate whether a checkbox field is checked, evaluate for the word “checked” in that field.

Thanks for your response!

Sorry, for the dumb question. How do I edit my formula to do that?

You’ve already nailed nested IF statements. So just add it as your very first IF statement.

IF({checkbox_field}=“checked”,“Complete”,[put the rest of your formula here])

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Hi ScottWorld, Thank you so much for your feedback. It was accepting the formula but not presenting the result. I had to change “checked” to “1” and it fixed it. Thanks so much for your time!!!

Oh nice, you just taught me something there! Thank you! :slight_smile: I actually thought it would evaluate the word “checked”, which is the text data that it is actually typing into the field!

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