If column A contain X - display value of column A, if contain Y, display value of column B

Hello guys,

I’m just getting started with Airtable formulas and couldn’t find the right formula for this scenario and will be grateful if you could help here.

I’ve 2 columns when based on the value on column A I want to determent if to display a value of column A or column B in the D column.

= If column A contains 1 or 2 or 3, then display the value of column A, if contain Y, display value of column B


It would be something along these lines:

IF(OR (FIND (“1”, {Column A}), FIND (“2”, {Column A}), FIND (“3”, {Column A})), {Column A},
IF(FIND(“Y”, {Column A}), {Column B}))

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@Jarvis_Digital hanks but I’ve tried this and didn’t work.

Can you have a look?
IF(OR (FIND (“Office”, {Workplace}), FIND (“Hybrid”, {Workplace}),{Company - Location},
IF(FIND(“Remote”, {Workplace}), {Workplace}))

You’re missing a closing parenthesis for the OR() statement.

If “Office”, “Hybrid”, and “Remote” are the whole values of the field {Workplace} you could simplify the formula by using a SWITCH() statement.

   "Office", {Company - Location},
   "Hybrid", {Company - Location},
   "Remote", {Workplace}

Edited to remove extra comma.


Where exactly?

It didn’t work as well…

I’m running out of ideas…

The formula you pasted looks like this: OR(FIND(), FIND(). It needs to look like this: OR(FIND(), FIND())

Be more specific. It produced an error and wouldn’t let you save the formula? Its not showing the desired result?

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You have an extra comma. Remove the comma after {Workplace} and before the closing parenthesis.

You have multiple syntax issues with this formula, include issues with extra spaces after your function names, curly quotes, and missing parenthesis.

Try this …

        FIND("Office", {Workplace}), 
        FIND("Hybrid", {Workplace})
    {Company - Location},
    FIND("Remote", {Workplace}), 

Good 'ol syntax issues, lol


Thank you. It does the job perfectly!

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