IF Column One is prefixed A, then X

Trying to achieve an outcome where:

IF Column One is prefixed 381 then Apple
If column one is prefixed 382 then orange

Column 1

Column 2


SWITCH(LEFT({Column 1}, 3), 381, 'Apple', 382, 'Orange')

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Hey Camille, thanks for your input! Unfortunately, the cell returns nothing with your formula…any ideas?

If Column 1 in your base is a text field as opposed to a number field, add single quotations around the 381 and 382 in the formula: SWITCH(LEFT({Column 1}, 3), '381', 'Apple', '382', 'Orange')

Cool, thanks!

How would I incorporate SWITCH(LEFT({Column 1}, 2), ‘5v’, ‘Blue’, ) and SWITCH(LEFT({Column 1}, 4), ‘123a’, 'Metal;) into the same formula as the one you wrote out above?

Well its not possible for anything to fit all those conditions so you could just write them all in the same formula separated by an ampersand.

SWITCH(LEFT({Column 1}, 2), '5v', 'Blue')&SWITCH(LEFT({Column 1}, 4), '123a', 'Metal')&SWITCH(LEFT({Column 1}, 3), '381', 'Apple', '382', 'Orange')

A nested IF() statement could also work.

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