If Company A from Table 2 is the same as Company A from Table 1, add a green emoji to the row of Company A

Table 1 is a list of clients with attributes.
The table is as follows:
| Company Name | Contacted? | … | … |
| Company A | :green_circle:| … | … |

Table 2 is a list of interactions with clients
The table is as follows:
| Contact person | Company Name | … | … |
| Jeffe Bezos | Company A | … | … |

Company A in both tables are matched together (as in I select from the drop down list the Company Name in Table 2). How would I make the “Contacted?” column in Table 1 automatically add this green emoji, if Table 2 has a match of the Company?

Are you using a Link Records field or a Single Select field?

Since you are relating data between two tables, you should be using Link Record fields.

If you are, then you could just make that field in Table 1 a Formula that does something like the example below, which simply checks if the Link is not empty:

IF({Link to Table 2}, "🟢")

Yes I am using Link Record field. So the Company names on Table 1 are automatically chosen from the list of Table 2 companies.

My only question with that suggestion - how do I add the link to Table 2 for a formula located on a column in Table 1?

Since you are using a Link Records field in Table 2, the other Link Record field already exists in Table 1. It is likely hidden in whatever view you’re looking at.

When linking between tables Airtable creates and updates the inverse field for you. Record links can be established from either table and the inverse field will always be in sync. This is not the case if you were linking the same table to itself (Table 1 <> Table 1), which is not the case here.

So in your Table 1 look at your hidden fields to find the Link Record field’s name (by default, I believe it will just be named whatever Table 2 is named). Then add a Formula field using the formula I gave above and put in the correct field name.

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